Victoria Meyer

South Carolina

I adore the beauty and individuality of being yourself, the freedom of limitless imagination and the power of innovative vision. I live my life creating myself with every moment. The world is my canvas and I am painting it with every beautiful color. -Victoria

I'm a mommy of two beautiful girls and engaged to one amazing man! I'm a Cosmetologist-Hair/Makeup artist on the East Coast. Beauty is my passion! I value the beauty of being unique, giving back when I can, making a difference with an open mind and changing lives by touching the spirit. I have an innovative passion for creating beauty and living my artisitc dreams through my talents. I love the life I live and I live the life I love! Afterall, Life isn't about finding yourself, Life is about creating yourself~

  • Work
    • mommy
    • Cosmetologist
    • Makeup artist
    • esthetics
    • photography
    • Beauty Industry
    • Stylist
    • Volunteer
    • Non-Profit
    • spa
  • Education
    • Paul Mitchell Charleston