Wood So Wild

Wood & Metal Jewelry | Pyrography | Leatherwork in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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"Will you walk the wood so wild, wand'ring, wand'ring here and there..."

Inspired by a 16th century English folksong and rambles through breathtaking Canadian forests, I create rustic yet refined wood and metal jewelry, wooden runes and talismans, leather accessories and glass fairy bottle necklaces, all by hand in my home studio.

To make my wood items, I start by gathering fallen branches from an enchanted isle on a clear northern lake, a serene bit of paradise that's been in my family for over 100 years. Each piece is meticulously cut, drilled and sanded, then finished with linseed oil and beeswax for a natural, lustrous glow.

Many of my items are embellished with pyrography (wood-burning), using any design which strikes my fancy, including Celtic and Norse, nature, magick and mystical themes.

Elementals, my fun and affordable metal jewelry line, incorporates copper, aluminum, pewter, brass, stainless steel and bronze, with hand-applied textures and patinas celebrating the natural world.

I also enjoy working with beautiful and tactile leather, crafting small multi-use drawstring bags, and stamping and tooling pieces both decorative and functional.

Chainmaille jewelry and accessories, made link by link, round out my repertoire.

To see my current selection of handmade goods, have a wander 'round my Etsy shop. I love sharing photography, writing, recipes and crafting on my blog, gillyflower. My Facebook page is the place my shop and blog meet.

Enjoy roaming the Wood So Wild!