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Yshatar Xzatara

Maryland USA

31 yrs old, CE-5 contactee/experiencer (my contact began at the age of 8 yrs old), precog…I was born on Nov 24 1981, I was declared clinically dead sometime in 2001 but I came back just as the doctors were calling the time of death …I am an avid reader and love anything to do with science and spirituality, the ancient past and new discoveries. I am especially an advocate of Extraterrestrial disclosure/exopolitics, and advocating the truth about the benevolence of our star families. I am a starseed hybrid, I love the Earth and animals especially, I consider myself a pagan and a student of many ancient and nature based paths. I am the founder of the International Starseed Network, a network of over 81 thousand members, a common-unity and gathering of starseeded souls here to assist in Gaias (re)volution to light love consciousness.

Out of so many years searching for myself, for an answer to the questions in my mind, an answer to why I am the way I am, I have found that the best answer remains elusive, to continue to seek, that is the answer, no answer can satisfy the soul because the answer is not meant to be found, searching for an answer is in my opinion a small key meant to open the door to a reunion with the divine, once that door has been opened no answer could ever match up to the impact of such a reunion, because then the answers are known on an intuitive level, when you knock the doors shall indeed be opened to you, when you seek you shall find…THIS is the beauty of life, to remember that we are light and that truly the greatest of all forces lives within us…

This is the greatest of all truths, we are a web of eternal light that expands through all of creation, we are this creation ever flowing. This is my truth and the signs they are wherever you wish to look because they are everywhere. Even when you look in the mirror. Love exists in all facets and it is the language of the universe, it is the force that binds all things seen and unseen and in any given moment we can ignore being part of this web of light and darkness plagues our sight, we can abandon the web of light but the web of light will never abandon us because we created it and it created us, one soul energy separated by soul fragments momentarily causing the illusion of separation.

And after a moment, literally a blink of an eye experiencing the reality of a veiled existence, a great and powerful event is set in motion by seemingly invisible forces