Yvonne Berry Johnson

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

About 10 years ago, I was working as a Probation Officer when a good friend of mine introduced me to a home based business. I was at that point in my life where I was sick and tired of my situation and looking for a Plan B. I hated the income I was making at my Job, I hated working the long hours...basically I just hated my Job PERIOD. I had a decision to make. I could either continue to do the things everyone around me was doing...work a "GOOD JOB" that I hated for the next FORTY YEARS and retire with a frozen cake and a bad retirement party, or I could leap out on faith and change my future. I decided to give my goals and dreams a real fighting chance and start my home business PART TIME along side of my full time job. That decision inevitably changed my life forever. Over the next few years, my "little home business" began to supplement my income at that job. Soon, I was able to leave that job...never to look back!

Today I am a FULL TIME Wife, Mom and Creative Entrepreneur! I tell people all the time YES there is a lot of money to be made in this profession and YES there are actually people out here making a significant income from home and willing to teach you how, but the true reason why I am an evangelist for the Network Marketing/Home Business Industry is the FREEDOM it allows a person to experience day in and day out. The freedom to no longer be dependent on a job, to do what you want when you want, to sleep until you get tired of sleeping, to spend time with your loved ones while others are at work, to take ownership back of your life...that freedom is PRICELESS! Now that's why I do what I do!

If you are interested in learning more about myself, my team and what we do to help other's acheive their goals and dreams, look over the links below and contact me at 313-525-8180.

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