andré clément

Healer and Filmmaker in San Francisco, California

andré clément

Healer and Filmmaker in San Francisco, California

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I practice traditional Amazonian medicine modalities to bring deeper sensitivity and greater vitality to individuals.

In 2005, I travelled to the Amazon to make a film about ecological degradation and its impacts on indigenous peoples. On this trip I met don Juan Flores Salazar, a legendary curandero of the Ashanincan tribe.

Soon what started as a documentary film project became an apprenticeship under maestro Flores, and in 2009 Maestro encouraged conduct healing rituals on my own.

In 2013, I received the ceremonial kushma from maestro Flores, an honor that has been bestowed upon selected students over the years.

During this time, maestro Flores has travelled to Canada five times and we have premiered a documentary called Tonkiri (which means "hummingbird" in Ashaninkan) that chronicles 10 years of Maestro's work and travels and highlights his evolving relationship with North American indigenous peoples.

I offer healing work in the lineage of maestro Juan Flores to individuals and groups.

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