Angel Ortiz

Angel David Ortiz Ricardes born on August 3, 1996 in the city of Oaxaca de Juarez of Oaxaca, Mexico. His parents are Mexican nationals Joaquín Rafael Ortiz Ortiz and Vercy Lorena Ricardes Ovando.
He lived in his hometown to 3 years and attended Kindergarten through 6 years, then returned to Oaxaca to study the Elementary School. Later, for family problems, he returned to the city of Tuxtla to finish the Elementary School and continue their studies until now.
He continued to study Middle School and later graduated from High School, but still missing a step, University. Since childhood, Angel always had the dream of becoming a great astronaut, but gradually as he gained experience, he began to like the technology to such an extent that changed his dream of becoming an astronaut to be a very good engineer in Mechatronics. Time after finishing the High School he got the news that the career he wanted, had a niversity that offered quota, which was the Politécnica de Chiapas. Knowing this, quickly pulled record for review and was very happy to study. Then came the day of the exam, he was a little nervous but managed to solve it.
In the end, got be selected and to this day continues to study excited in the race he likes.