Ansuman Datta

Kolkata, India

I'm an author and a Linux webmaster.

Try my porn-blocker tester or if you're into Dansguardian I recommend the lightning-fast Reminder for Dansguardian.

I also translate works of Rabindranath Tagore, the hoary-haired bloke who took the lit Nobel outside Europe 100 years ago in Nov 1913 with his Song Offerings, and renounced his knighthood in 1919 to protest the massacre of Amritsar. Right now I am giving away unlimited review copies of his salient short story Clouds and Sunshine (মেঘ ও রৌদ্র) worth $3.64. Please get it from with the 100% discount coupon RW100 valid through Mon 30 Dec 2013 and post any reviews at Thanks for being a reader!

  • Work
    • Author; Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP Developer
  • Education
    • English Major; DRDBMS; PG Dip; Certificate in PC Servicing; MCSD