A.G. Klei

I am motivated by the three P's in my life:


I find the power in words.

As a veteran communications strategist I've been a news anchor and reporter, a national media spokesperson and now operate Words Ink. a communications services and consultancy company. I excel at crafting creative, targeted, persuasive content.

Communications is a conversation - one that I am dedicated to making clear, compelling and convincing - and the greatest skill you can have is to listen.


I believe in constant learning. New things are wonderful! They challenge you, inspire you, change you and force you to grow.

While I have a passion for new-ness I am deeply committed to a few special things: the environment, reading, blending a better smoothie, activity in many, many forms and living a full, stimulating, vibrant life.


The world is a great, big, round glob of possibility. It's our job to enjoy it...and I pride myself on doing a good job. My chosen exhillarations: basketball, cycling, fresh flowers, mountains, food, warm blankets and the outdoors.

One of my greatest joys is travel. I've had the fortune and pleasure to have lived in or visited 17 countries. And I'm just getting started.