A.J. Sendall

Writer in Germany

When a Canadian yacht arrives in Sydney, sailed single-handed by a twitchy schoolteacher, marina manager Sam Autenburg suspects that the Canadian is not a bona-fide cruiser.

Three days later, the Canadian is found dead in a brothel in Sydney’s red light district. He’d overdosed on heavily cut cocaine. Others die, including Sam’s lover Marie.

When aging escort Heather Todd rescues Sam after he falls down blind drunk in an alley, she discovers he’s ex-MI6, and sees a chance to avenge the death of her sister, who also died of a drug overdose. She taunts and cajoles the reluctant Sam into helping her gather evidence against the drug cartel.

When Sam agrees to join her, they embark on a daring, high-risk venture that takes them deep into the Sydney underworld, and then halfway around the world and almost home again.

Heather is a story about how people are changed by circumstance and pressure, both external and internal, and how when released from that pressure, some are able to become their true self.