Ahn Neesha

Kyo, Indonesia
a lazy ass pharmacy student, typical cancer and B-type person, a sarcastic by nature, random, total spammer, phlegmatic-melancholic (anti social, passive, ignorant bastard, both perfectionist beetch and rabid sloth at the same time), professional procrastinator, bi-curious. Got weird interest in BJD little perfect figure and expression, History Reenactment (esp. WW 1 and WW 2), and Dark Age torture (iron maiden, guillotine, you named it). Loves books, cyrillic, music, goth, medieval era, steampunk, history, astronomy, Old English, literature, art, fashion and graphic design. A fan of D'espairsRay, Malice Mizer, Marvel superheroes, Tim Burton, House MD, Sherlock, and Harry Potter. Listen to wide range of music from Europop to EBM/Industrial, Jrock to Scandinavian.