Ankur Paul

Howdy there,

I’m Paul and a recent graduate with a MA in Publishing from University College London. I also have a Masters degree in English from St. Stephen's College, University of Delhi.

Apart from my studies as a publisher, I have experience in the marketing and editorial aspects, most notably in copy-editing and proofreading. I've worked at The Susijn Agency, Phaidon Press, Penguin Press and Sweet & Maxwell in London.

My MA in Publishing dissertation focused on the publishers' perspective about self-publishing and the impact on trade publishing. For the research, I interviewed leading experts from the UK publishing industry and did a case study as well.

I'm at ease with both PCs and Macs, an expert in Microsoft Office, and have working skills with Adobe InDesign and GIMP. Recently, I have also started learning about XML. The Publishing Hat blog is a constant endeavour of mine as well.

My passions are reading, writing, creative pursuits (drawing, photography) and sports (especially basketball and cricket). I’m also keenly interested in the increasing role that social media and digital platforms are playing in our lives.

If you would like to read more about my perspective on book, digital and publishing related stuff, check out my blog or follow me on Twitter. Looking forward to interacting with you!