YunBum Choi

Personal Credo

One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.

I struggled with how to differentiate myself from all people in the world. My passion started here.

I have tried to learn and experience as much as I can.

- I used to work in the construction field for 2 years

- I have a bachelor's degree in Electronics

- I studied Human Computer Interaction when a junior

- I experienced expat life in Canada, Japan

- I have been working for KEPCO as a distribution engineer for 6 years

- I am an android programmer Work : Developed Introduction APP for Ansan branch in KEPCO

- I have been farming since I was young

- I am a song writer and singer Now, I am trying to write a film script and a poem. It make me closer to be a filmmaker.

So far, I told you something about myself.

As a result, I think I have an unique perspective on the world around usAnd I found out everything I learned could benefit people.So, I am now trying to have more skills and more passion could benefit more people

I am constantly looking for ways to stay busy with my lovely wife, my kid, work and study specially languages. And I am fascinated with something new, cool and challenging
Last, I am a philanthropist. Feel free to get in touch with me.