Aabhas Lall

Student in Aachen, Germany

Aabhas Lall

Student in Aachen, Germany

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Hi! Great to see you here, I'm Aabhas!

I have completed my undergraduate studies in the field of Mechanical Engineering, and after a sojourn of life, I am now pursuing my Master's in Robotic Systems Engineering at RWTH.

I have a knack for making stuff, specifically in Robotics, Tech, PCs Energy harvesting, Photography, and I enjoy classic Rock and Jazz music. I mostly spend time making new things and then destroying them inadvertently later.

I did my internship for my Bachelor's degree at APS GmbH and ITA-RWTH Aachen, so it is great to be back in this lovely city!

Apart from this, I can binge-watch on Science shows, sleep for 12 hours, and procrastinate very well.

Do remember to check out my blog, which I fail to update periodically. Apart from the usual science-ey stuff, some of my photography is also there for your enjoyment.

Feel free to contact me at:-


  • Education
    • Chitkara University (B.Tech - Mechanical)
    • RWTH Aachen (MSc - RoboSys)