Anand Bhatt

Named one of the Top 5 Indian-Americans to watch in Hollywood, Anand Bhatt [pronounced ONN-INN BOTT] was born in Chicago. He is the younger child of two children from a mechanical engineer father and a schoolteacher mother.

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Anand first got public media notice while still in high school after he and his friends choreographed a humorous dance to a song they wrote and recorded while wearing homemade outfits to make themselves look like monkeys. The song, and the monkey dance, became a community favorite and eventually landed the group on Chicago radio.

Anand Bhatt is known for his internationally recognized music as both a solo artist and as frontman for celebrated heavy rock group Anand Clique. After graduating high school, Anand went to the University of Illinois at Chicago for both his undergraduate and graduate degrees. It was there he met his other bandmates.

To support himself as a teenager until after grad school, Anand performed as a "Dancing DJ" at weddings, bar mitzvahs and corporate parties with a well known ongoing Chicago troupe in which they would put on full shows, do impersonations, and utilize audience participation.

Anand became friends with Jim Martin, an actor from the movie "Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey" and the lead guitar player for platinum selling rock group Faith No More, backstage at a festival they were playing together. Their collaborations were Anand's first break on to the Grammy Awards ballot.

Anand Bhatt is the first Indian-Ameri