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Hey there fam!😆 I decided to go ahead and create an About Me page, just for newer bois who are interested in knowing more about me before they follow (especially for kin purposes!! 😉) and the like. Anyways, most of this will mainly be a sort of "kintype list," but there is a bit of slightly less important info towards the end not related to fictionkin, in case you'd like to skip this part or make sure to read until the very end!

Ok, with that said.. Let's get into the kinlist! ;D Here are all the characters I kin with as follows:

⚡️M!Morgan from Fire Emblem Awakening

🍎 Zen Wistaria from Snow White With the Red Hair

✨ Howl Jenkins from Howl's Moving Castle

🌾 Hinata from Fire Emblem Birthright

🐎 Wander from Shadow of the Colossus

💚 Undyne the Undying from Undertale (Pacifist Route!)

🌙 Moonwatcher from Wings of Fire

🌤 Link from Legend of Zelda (Skyward Sword!)

🎀 Pete Kowalski from Bully (but please, just call me Petey!☺️)

🏊🏻 Makoto Tachibana from Free!

☕️ Aaron Warner from the Shatter Me series

And that's about it! C: exactly [🔟] confirmed fictionkin atm. I'll make sure to update the list if anything changes! 😉👌 And I'm absolutely ok with any doubles- however, if anything like doubling makes you feel uncomfortable, please feel free to unfollow, I completely understand! ^3^ And if you do kin with anyone from these series on this list above, please don't be afraid to dm me if you'd like to chat. I absolutely love meeting others who are from the same sort of universe- it's the best!☺️

Ok, now on to the less kin-y stuff~😂

In terms of following rules, there really are none, except if I'm not well acquainted with you, just DM me the "🎇" symbol to let me know that you've read this, and you'll be excepted, simple as that! 😋 Just no kin hate, please? I think just following to send hate will be the only reason I would ever block someone, but hopefully nothing like that will ever happen in the near future! ;D

I guess really all that's left now is to list a couple of my close friends and mutuals! All of these people are either kin themselves or kin supporters, so if you're interested in following them, please don't be afraid to, tell them I have sent you~~!😂 Just be sure you get permission to request to follow on the private accounts, that's all I ask, thank you so much! 😊