Aakash Saxena

Researcher in Boulder, Colorado

Assuming 100 years of my life, a quarter has passed away, what’s unique that I have done till now?
I have traveled to 6 different cities in India within a week with just $20 in hand.

What is my next adventurous goal?
Sky diving.

What do I like to do in my free time?
I like to read about ideas that have created positive impact and work on ideas that can disrupt.

What part of technology intrigues me?
That it makes the life of people easy.

What aspect of business do I like the most?
I perceive business as a tool to solve the problems of the masses.

What is the best time of the day that I spend if I do?
Apart from sleeping, I like the time when I meet different people with unique stories.

Who am I?
A data enthusiast who can find statistical significance to business facts, pursuing a doctorate in Management Information Systems from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

  • Work
    • Harvard University GSD
  • Education
    • University of Colorado Boulder