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Pursuit: Melanotan - not the first "pill Sun." Was previously established drug based on the active ingredient of canthaxanthin. Pills taken by mouth, courses

and gradually accumulate in the skin, giving her an orange-brown color. Until it became clear that canthaxanthin great colors and even internal organs.
In alcohol - most often comes to mind at the mention of Russian foreigners? Winter, bears, eggs and alcohol, the last paragraph of this short list decided to

engage scientists from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.
Having studied the situation in 17 cities of Russia, the doctors have paid special attention addicting so-called "non-potable alcohol": medicinal tinctures,

aftershave, antifreeze, and spirits - in short everything that contains not intended for drinking alcohol.
Scientists had two aims: to find out how available in our country, "non-potable alcohol" and figure out how to implement the decisions of the Russian

government, designed to limit its sale. One of the leaders of the study, Professor David A. Leon (David Leon) said that they originally possessed alarming

data: the results of earlier observations, over the past year in Russia every seventh man working age at least once "non-potable alcohol" tried.
Volunteers avoided pharmacies and retail stores, bought alcohol-containing liquid and collected as a result of "collection" of 217 different kinds of

bubbles, most of which were much cheaper vodka in an average of 10-15 rubles per bottle with alcohol content - 60% by volume.