Aan Kasman


I am a WEB Technologist and photographer enthusiastic who loves blogging and socializing in my daily activities. Love physic and coding.

My current work is focusing on 3G to 4G/LTE consultantation @Service Provider Infrastructure.

Interested in :

Next Generation Mobile Application, hands on Diameter Scapv1/2, Gy protocol, PCRF/PCEF,Mobilility Interconnect, Mobile Internet, IP Multimedia Subsystem ,3GPP Evolution in mobile internet, High Performance Computing System with Linux Virtual System, Wackamole and Spread. Next Generation Content Delivery Network, High Performance Web Server with NGINX,Apache,SQUID,Global DNS Load Balancing Web Application Security and Cloud Computing. I've used to worked as APAC Professional Services at F5 Networks and currently focusing on infrastructure protection againts security threats in mobile and global internet.