aan syahri

Web Developer in North Sumatra, Indonesia

My name is Aan Syahri of birth. I was born on December 14, 1989. I was the fourth child of four siblings.

I am a foreigner, the land of my birth in grindstone-North Sumatra-Indonesia. After I graduated high school and above, my age at that time 19 years old, I immediately wander to Batam island to find work, as it arrives in one of the manufacturing company, then terbesit dihati me to go to school and my gratitude allhammdulillah be accepted in any one public university in batam, precisely in PoliteknikNegeribatam, IT majors.

My hobby, badminton, poetic writing, and everything else that makes me feel free.

My favorite quote is "Everyone has problems. Better to seek a solution of the problem in comparing the problem to others.

Contact me at aansyahri@ymail.com
Visit my blog at http://aansyahri8.blogspot.com/

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    • PT. EPSON