Alexandre ARNOUD

Self-educated, Alexandre started his career in the computer industry in 1997 as IT engineer. Highly motivated by every challenge he went quickly to the management of a team to ensure ISPs and Telcos delivery in a start-up called Steek (acquired by F-Secure in 2009) and their backup & storage line products. Passionate, Alexandre is always willing to drive innovation forward and is a real driver within a team.

Recently, Alexandre has successfully launched multiple online storage services:

SFR Contenus :

Optus SmartSafe :

Orange Mes Contenus :

VirginMedia VStuff :

His role was the technical coordination, architecture, team management as well as working closely with the operators project teams to ensure as much as possible on time, on budget and on quality deliveries.

Now Alexandre has taken position as CEO at Deedyou and will now work on the business development of his startup with the help of his fellow partners !