Aaron Lafazan

15 Year Old Student, Web Developer, and Entrepreneur in Syosset, New York

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Aaron Lafazan is a 16-year-old young entrepreneur and author, launching many successful ventures in a short time.

Aaron is the author of What Middle School Didn't Teach Me, an Amazon Best Seller and held by the Library of Congress. He feels that in a day and age where education is becoming increasingly crucial for success, students should come out of every level of schooling feeling prepared for the real world, an accomplishment that middle schools do not allow for. Middle School Didn't Teach Me is a past and future case study, which, with the helps of successful experts like Y Combinator Founder Paul Graham, analyzes the erroneous ways of middle schools in the United States, and crafts a blueprint for going forward in the field of education.

In addition, Aaron is the CoFounder and CEO of LIHacks, Long Island's first Hackathon (think: coding marathon). Already, 2 successful events have been , changing the lives of over 200 high school students, with the next event expected to help over 300 high school and college age kids next Martin Luther King Jr. .

Likewise, Aaron is the lead curator for [email protected], Syosset High School's first TEDxYouth event. The theme of the event Your Spark, and he hopes to bring together incredible speakers across a variety of disciplines to inspire today's students to do what they love.

Also, Aaron is currently the Founder and CEO of Sapphire Development, a prominent Development Shop based out of New York.

Finally, Aaron manages to do all of this and continue to go to high school, where, as a sophomore, he maintains a 4.0 average.

  • Work
    • Ceo & Founder
  • Education
    • Syosset High School, Graduating Class of 2018