Aaron Voreck

I was born in Virgina back in 1976. My father, a navigator i the U.S. Navy for F-4's & F-14's was named Joseph Arnold. Shortly after I was born we as a family moved overseas to Iran, in the Middle East. We were there as part of an Arm's Deal to teach the Iranians how to fly the F-14 Tomcat. Soon after the Iatonla-Khomeni decided we better just leave, and we were soon evacuated. You probably know the rest of the story.

My family then moved back to the United States in 1979, Where we lived in NY settling in Brightwaters, Long Island to be specific. I loved it there. I went to parochial school for elementary School, St. Patrick's. I still keep in touch with friends from there. In 1985 my father passed away due to a heart attack.

In time my mother re-married and we moved to coral Springs Fl. I lived there on and off till leaving for school. BTW I went to five high schools. two of which were boarding schools. I went to Florida Air Academy, where all the $Rich$ kids knew not a dayum thing, and Missouri Military Academy where everything was pretty much straightened away. All in all I ended up graduating in 1994 from Chickasha High, Ok, the birthplace of my mother, Mary Ann Voreck.

She now lives back here in Oklahoma where I am and works for The University of Oklahoma. After high school it was off to the Marine Corps. I enlisted soon after graduation. I became a desiel mechanic, and was stationed at Camp San Mateo inside of Camp Pendleton, San Clemente, CA. I was a member of Hq. Co. 5th Marines, the most decorated Co. In the Corps. I'll let you know Hq has it's advantages. We only PT'd every few months, lol. After the Corps I moved back to NY for a year and lived at my friends house, then back to Fl., where my mother was. I stayed in Fl. for 3 or 4 years doing alarm, computer and site security for an alarm company. Mostly installation and troubleshooting.

In 2003 my Grandmother went thru chemo therapy for breast cancer surgury and I moved back to Oklahoma to help her and her hospital visits. Soon after it was time to get a job again. I found Flat-Bed Trucking. After a Month of schooling in Drumright, Ok I was a CDL Holding, Haz-Mat, Doubles /Triples and Tankers Endorsed Semi-Truck Driver. Back and forth across the nation I went. Being a truck driver is one of the best feelings I have ever felt. You can't go wrong with an XM /Sirius satellite radio and 700 miles to go ;R I even owned my truck for abou