Aaron Helstrom

Life Coach, Consultant, and Father in Vienna, Virginia

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45 year-old retired U.SMarine, Wounded Veteran & Autodidact

22: Veterans a day Commit Suicide (1 EVERY 65 min),

4x: Veterans w/ TBI more likely to Commit Suicide than without

90%: Divorce rate for veterans who return with PTSD

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My energy is focused on creating awareness about the silent struggle we face after we leave active duty and to stop the epidemic suicide rate among veterans which is at an all time high. You can help by clicking on this link & DONATEToday. I live the life that 40% of returning Warriors their families will have to face. 90% of Veterans w/ PTSD will divorce (I believe CFR can make a difference w/ YOUR support).

12 years I have lived as a wounded veteran w/ PTSD, TBI & severe physical injuries (fused spine & more). I know what it feels like when looking into the eyes of a loved one and all you can see is the pain in their eyes from your unintentional outburst or mood swings. I understand the turmoil and pain that many veterans are thrust into albeit unaware and not equipped. I know because because I lived for 7yrs undiagnosed & 1 year diagnosed on Active Duty in the U.S. Marine Corps. It was during this time that I began to develop the Holistic Alternative Interventions & techniques that would provide me the means of escape from myself & the negative thoughts, lifestyle, & emotions.

Since my retirement I have worked for the Federal and Private-Sector and faced the uphill battles and challenges of transition and employment. with a lack of training and education n helping disabled veterans as well as the discrimination, and stigma that exist in the workplace today

I experienced in both sectors the barriers, misconceptions & preconceived notions that exist with employers. Once employed I discovered that I too had misconceptions & preconceived notions that things would be better because I had an employer who understood my disabilities, only to discover another barrier in their lack of knowledge & understanding in working with wounded veterans. For veterans transitioning the learning curve is steep. To go from a community of Warriors in service to country to that of a wounded veteran in a civilian Community is hard; worse off is discovering when you need assistance and resources the most and reach out for help only to find you’re alone, without the support you thought you’d have.