Aaron Anthony

Aaron is a dynamic, versatile and hands-on programme and project manager with a wealth of expertise in the design, delivery and support of infrastructure projects. His primary focus has been the successful delivery of structured cabling projects and connected technologies within data centres, trading floors, offices, hospitals and schools. Accustomed to managing budgets up to £15 million and managing multi-disciplined teams up to 55 people.

Aaron began his career in 1982 where he later became a Director in the family business. Cougar Electronics initially provided a pcb assembly service to clients such Acorn and Rank Xerox. A few years later, the business diversified into manufacturing cable assemblies such as IBM printer and RS232 cables. Then as the market shifted towards Token Ring, Ethernet and Structured Cabling technologies, the business added onsite project delivery services to its portfolio.

He has an HND in Business & Finance. Cougar gave him the best education, acquiring a good understanding of running a business and gaining his commercial and management expertise in sales, operations and finance through to the life cycle of delivering a successful cabling, networking and telecoms project.

During his career, Aaron has worked for a number of market leading businesses such as Redstone, Black Box and Connectix

Aaron is a Prince 2 Practioner and has worked within a variety of markets such financial, education, construction, health and corporate.