Aaron Baldassare

Nampa, Idaho, United States

I'm collaborating with passionate, outstanding teachers within the public school system who are transforming schools from factories of knowledge into gardens of deep realization.

Our students are super special. They...

make things every day

are building the habit of helping others

solve problems instead of complaining about them

stand out more than they fit in

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Itty bitty bio: I started my career as a 12-year old paper boy, and remained a 12-year old paper boy for 3 years. Apparently, the written words rubbed off the pages and infiltrated my fingertips, because since then, I have been trying to get the written word out from my fingers onto blank pages. I can proudly say that after years of dedicated writing practice, those pages are no longer blank. I had a very limited comedy career at Northwest Nazarene University, where I also majored in music. Afterward, I went through rites of passage in food service and sales, then taught English in Ecuador for 9 months, enrolled in an MBA program with an interest in International Business, fell in love with entrepreneurship, and we've been very happy since. I consulted, mostly from a dingy home office, in web usability and design, business technology, and digital marketing at Falconer Web Marketing, for four years. At least half of that time I was wearing pants, but I can't prove it.

Met the love of my life in college, dated in grad school, and after 8 years, I think we're officially "an item," though I'm not convinced that our itemization is fully recognized by the state at this point. Good thing love conquers all. Forever and ever. Amen.

Finally, I decided that we're kind of on the brink of extinction as a species, and the best thing I can do about it is provide today's middle school students with special powers from the future. So now I teach math at a nice little middle school in rural Idaho.

  • Education
    • Northwest Nazarene University
    • University of Colorado Denver