Aaron Bates

Web Developer, Designer, and Software Engineer in London, United Kingdom

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Thanks for stopping by.

Hi, I'm a web developer, web designer and graphic designer based in London, UK. I graduated with a BA in New Media from Leeds and am currently working as the Head of Web Design and Development for a publishing company focusing on enterprise level system work.

I specialise in agile front and back-end development right now using Coldfusion and Rails but I have a passion for design, IA, UI, UX, HTML5 and CSS3. I also build platforms and content/information systems.

Basically I plan, design, code, build and deliver.

Some things I love: United (no judgement please), classic Motown, 90s Hip-Hop, FPL, Twitter, and terrible ideas that turn out to be amazing.

The career keeps me busy, but I'm looking for interesting freelance projects, full portfolio on the way. Contact me for more info, cheers.