Aaron Bergbusch

Ottawa, Ontario

Multi-instrumental: acoustic & electric guitar / piano / harmonica

Diversity of styles: rock / folk / eastern

Story-telling / theatre / audience participation

Ultimate reconnection with the true love of dream-seeking, and the touch of the impossible beautiful. It’s a journey. It’s a story. It’s alive.

Aaron Bergbusch hails from Victoria, BC, the ocean and the trees and the sea breeze. The sea-glass and its multi-coloured hues capturing his imagination and the Tolkien books, writing and singing and singing and writing, wandering overseas to Bavaria and joining a rock cover band until curiously distracted by… the relentless, savage weight of practical influence, the sane, predictable, and moneyed path through institutions of higher learning, to labour and to learn that it’s not about saving the world after all, saving the soul must come first. Working never lasting, playing open mics in Vancouver, BC, forming the band Herostratis and playing the Columbia, believing and avoiding, recording home demos, pursuing green business ideas, believing and avoiding, working career jobs and sometimes believing for awhile, recording an album with producer Allan Rodger called Impossible Beautiful (2010), the rational mind trying to make sense of why. Why why why this damned music, this impossible beautiful and yet so beautifully possible? The songs, the conflict, the confusion… the true self shining through at last, shining through at a critical moment with new songs, new ideas, new energy. Replanted in Ottawa, Ontario, spreading roots through the granitic shield, open to all the light, this artist sharing his realization of love as dream-seeking with the world.