Aaron Gray

Portland, Oregon

I've spent my career making things on the web, building teams, and fixing business problems. I've had leadership roles in product design, UX, customer success (consulting), partnerships and strategy, mostly in data and analytics companies. I'm intrigued by platforms and ecosystems, especially ones that bridge the physical and digital worlds.

More than anything, I love building teams of smart, passionate people to work on big, hard-to-solve problems.

I'm an avid DIY house hacker. I love kitchen design, so I founded Kokeena, which designs and markets custom doors for the IKEA kitchen cabinet system (a platform, actually - with an ecosystem of hackers).

Data has the power to change the world, for better or worse. I got into analytics because of the insight data can give you into human behavior, which seemed important to have as a UX professional with a psychology background. There's a battle brewing right now for ownership of user data in the enterprise. For decades user data has been scattered across an increasing number of SaaS providers - locking up the value of the data and making it difficult for developers to build data-driven apps and web experiences. So I co-founded Deconstructed, a cloud-based platform that unifies data from multiple sources, processes it in realtime, and brokers the flow of updates and actions between services in the user data / marketing stack.

And I surf. Because it's awesome.