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Aaron Lee Smiles

I am an innovator. I am driven by the concept of making the usability of technology more organic and stimulating through gesturalisation – a natural extension of ourselves. I recognise gaps and trends in the market ahead of the curve. Prior to the influx of depth-sense motion and gesture control I invented a revolutionary 3-dimensional (3D) audio-visual (AV) composition and synthesis technology. I am involved with an array of AV softwares and hardwares, and the users of such technologies. Through [on-going] receptive interaction, I have uncovered many flaws in the present usability of AV technology - asking the question; How can computer music be more organic and gestural, like traditional instrumentation? I am passionate about interactive interfaces for creative self-expression, and user experience (UX)/interface(UI) design to promote inclusion, creativity, collaboration, [social] learning, sensory rehabilitation, and overall wellbeing of body and mind, whilst increasing [creative] output – providing new benefits and USPs to existing users, whilst driving forward dynamic solutions to problems causing exclusion to specific groups of people. With these philosophies in mind, I founded Sinetic AV LTD. ---------!_Woo!_