Aaron Shoilekov

Student, Consultant, and handy man in San Antonio, Texas

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Hello! My name is Aaron, some of my colleagues know me as cunning, and cold when it comes to my work. My current job allows me to work to my strengths, I get things done, and I don't complain about it. As a up and coming highschool student I seek to find a career that I can cater to well. For any work in retail, or labor I am easily capable of learning and completing my job efficiently. Apart from work, I like to spend time with family, and more importantly to me, my girlfriend. It would be impossible to say that she doesn't play a major role in my life. As of now I have worked 3 retail jobs and 2 labor related jobs. My very recent experience as a customer service employee at office depot left me open to looking at new fields of work, such as an architect or biologist. Though I am unsure of what lies ahead of me in the future, I am more than ready and more than capable to do so. For a more personal look at who I am, here is my social media https://www.instagram.com/aaarrrooonnn_/?hl=en