Aaron Reyes

Student in Los Angeles, California

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I am a graduate of Brown University. I studied Anthropology while following a pre-medical track. I am currently on a path to finish medical school.

Beyond academics I was heavily involved in a program (OLEEP) that teaches high school students about environmental education through experience, leadership, and mentoring. I also worked for Residential Life and Continuing Education within various positions as residential advisors.

My time at Brown was shaped by many factors. I have found the most enlightening experiences to be those that involve hands-on engagement, insightful individuals, and constant self-reflection. These experiences have helped me think about, question, and interpret life as a Louisiana-raised, first-generation college student in transition towards my next path in life.

Following undergraduate I pursued an opportunity to teach Algebra through AmeriCorps. I then went on to work as a medical scribe before entering medical school.

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