Aarti Garde

Jakarta - Indonesia

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Having spent most of my life in India in a 'box' of education and career, I welcomed the opportunity to give it all up and live the life of an expat wife 4 years ago, and moved to Vietnam first, then Indonesia. For a while it was wonderful to 'do nothing'. Now I do miss the corporate life occasionally, and work hard at keeping busy, punctuated with afternoon naps.

My interests are numerous. Travel & photography top that list. Any hour of the day or night is good for a photo walk. I cook and bake only for releasing creative energy, and am happy to eat leftovers rest of the time. Cycling and swimming get me everytime. Diving is my latest passion. Once a year I let myself go, usually at the new year's eve party, and spend the first day of the year groaning.

On the work front, I have strong feelings for customer experience and service. I hope to venture into travel and hospitality in my hometown of Kolhapur, India, sometime soon.

  • Work
    • ICICI Bank, MetLife India, Johnson & Johnson
  • Education
    • Post-graduate diploma in Business Management