Aasaya Suka

Paris, France

One life, live it up!

Another chance at being happy.

Born in Singapore on the 10th July

Currently living in Paris, France

Second home Sasbachwalden, Germany

"What did you want to be when you grow up?
An air hostess but I was (am still) too short to reach the overhead storage compartment.
I think I would be an awesome singer or actress. They don’t have to be tall. But aren’t you a bit too old, my dear?

Unconditionally generous to my loved ones, never angry for a long time anymore, don’t keep grudges, impatient but can wait an eternity for the sake of loved ones, romantic but down to earth, sensitive but could laugh at myself silly, sensible but easily persuaded (depends by whom) compliant but not complaining, positive – glass is always half full, rebellious – I guess people don’t change.

I am a shy writer

What make you tick? What make you get up on cold, windy, foggy November mornings?
YOU. Your smile when you open your eyes and see me. You feel strong to hold me in your arms. You feel respected and loved. You want to grow old with me. Are you there?"

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