Aashir Khalid

Student and Social Media Manager in Karachi, Pakistan

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I haven’t figured out everything about me yet because I believe there is a lot more in me than I can imagine. My name is Aashir Khalid and I am one of those “Internet” guys...! But don't worry unlike other, I don't have anything to sell you and it is doesn't really matter.

I am currently finding a niche and trying to be specializing my career so that’s why I am willing to do some work in exchange for a testimonial.

I spend most of my time on the computer, surfing the Internet, developing myself and skills. In this large social gatherings, I often feel a need to seek out space to be by myself and that's not really easy but I am crazy enough to think that I can because every day my experience and knowledge increase and I learn more about myself.

I describe myself as an “AMBIVERT” person. Someone who exhibits qualities of both introversion and extroversion and that’s the real reason I am not the same person in every group of people so don’t get confused with double faced people.

I am a university student, doing Bachelor in IT (InfoTech).

Experience & Skills

I am currently unemployed but work for self as a freelancer. As a freelancer, I dabbled in so many different areas of Internet/Online Business. I can work for small and medium businesses.

I have been exposed to various working environments and I have pretty good knowledge of

• Blogging

• YouTube

• Social Media Managing, Marketing & Advertising

• PBN & Expired or Parked Domains

• Website Creation (Especially with WordPress)

• Blog, Portfolio, Personal/Business Websites or Online Store/E-Commerce

• Affiliate Programs (Amazon)

• WordPress Services

o Installation – Automatically or Manually

oFor Personal & Business Website I can do Secure Installation

o By Securing FTP, Database and some configuration with HTACCESS file)

o Speed Up & Boost Performance

o Security

o Detect & Clean Malware or Viruses

o SEO Optimization


• Photoshop, Graphic Designing, Video & Animation (Basic)

• Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel & PowerPoint Especially)

• Providing Traffic (White, Gray or Black Hat)

• Twitter & Instagram Quality Followers (210+ in Week - Gray Hat)

• Royalty Free Photos Provider

• Can Download Photos in Bulk

• Managing Social Media Accounts

Please note that I am not saying I am an Expert but I have good knowledge of all stuff I point out. Kindly contact me for some work in exchange for a testimonial and send me your work details in points