Aashna Joshi

Hyderabad, India

The pursuit for knowledge has been the supreme goal in my life. We are in an era of global and technological changes where boundaries are fast disappearing and the greatest challenge tomorrow holds for us is to manage continuity of change.

An artist by nature, I have always believed in the complexity of nature and would portray the same through my works. I have been awarded the State 3rd Prize for my portrayal of nature through a drawing in my childhood. I have excelled through my Academic Career after being awarded the “The Outstanding Academic Excellence Medal” 3 times for my splendid performance. I have also been State Level Singer winning several music competitions organized by major media houses.

My school has always provided me ample opportunities to exhibit my passions wherein I have always taken up leadership positions. I have very wide interests ranging from extempore, debates, pagination to singing, arts, etc which help me connect with myself and lead a creative life.

Working with Indian Youth Climate Network (IYCN) and 350.org helped me learn and understand the Campaign Management and the need of the hour. We led several initiatives like Moving Planet, Talk 2 ur City, Climate Change Adaptation with HSBC, etc.

Attending the XIth Conference of Parties-CBD (United Nations) as a delegate representing World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-India) helped me go global and understand the present undertakings wherein I worked with Hon’ble Environmental Minister of India Smt. Jayanthi Natrajan.

Through (R)Evolution Let’s Change Now !, I have been a part of several Organizing Teams for major events like Avani – The Green Fest, which was the first ever Environmental Fest conducted by the premier Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University and Earth Hour 2014 @ Hyderabad by WWF-APSO which promoted sustainability as a key factor for innovation led future.

With a career in Mechanical Engineering, I wish to apply what I learn and most importantly understand the complexity of work that needs to be done for the generations to come.

To reach the peaks of perfection, I consider working in a suitable environment. The journey ahead promises to be a challenging one, it may be no doubt be arduous and demanding at times. But then, the thrill one gets when discovers something new at the frontiers of human knowledge, however small the contribution may be, is unparalleled.

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