Aashray Arora

Work : I work as a Technical Marketing Engineer(TME) at NetApp, one the best companies ever ! Truly love working here ! In my final year of B.E in Computer Science I was a Software Developer Intern at NetApp Bangalore. After being an intern for a year the welcomed to join them as full time TME.

Study : I am a B.E in Computer Science & Engineering from PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore. A very impressive college with impressive faculty and management.


I am big enthusiast in Web Technologies (from Database Management and back end implementation using PHP,JSP,etc to JavaScript & JQuery on the front end) and Mobile Computing,I love Java and I'm a big fan SDKs,

HTML5 and CSS 3.0 are my new friends here.

Mobile Development : I have been working on Mobile System from over one and a half years now. I have made various apps for Andriod phones Eg : P2P Video Conferencing, Bluetooth Phone Finder,etc. I have also done a thesis project involving Handwriting recognition on andriod mobile phones using Neural Networks.

Have a look at my resume for more details.