Annelise Atkinson

Nottingham UK

In 1955, the Royal Typewriter Company in USA began manufacturing bubblegum pink typewriters as part of their Quiet Deluxe range. Inevitably the fashion and trends changed, they moved onto other designs and the last pink Royal was made in 1957. This makes them extremely rare - especially outside of the USA, but we at Claire La Secrétaire believe that the world needs more pink typewriters, and through dedicated research and experience we have strived to bring these typewriters back. Using professional painting techniques we have been able to transform any typewriter into a dazzling re-conditioned pink beauty, and we know how to make sure it works too. We now customise the keys from black to white, and although the pink remains our first love, we have branched into various colours to give these typewriters a new lease of life that can be customised to your specific colour requests.

We started this business 3 years ago and since then have sold pieces to over 150 customers internationally, even to the Etsy team themselves, and been featured in Interiors magazines such as Homes and Gardens and V&OAK.

We love what we do, and take pride in the care and attention given to each order, I personally correspond with each customer every step of the way to make sure I give them exactly what they want.