Aayush Mitra

chemical engineer, chemistry minor, and Math minor in Seattle, Washington

Hello Everyone!

I am Aayush Mitra, pursuing Engineering at University of Washington, Seattle.

I have come to University of Washington with a vision of becoming a Chemical Engineer who will translate processes developed in the lab into practical applications, design, troubleshoot and contribute for the growth of industry and advancement of society at large.

My consistent good GPA for the high school years and my name on the Dean's List in all the past quarters at University of Washington convinces me that I have already started marching steadily towards achieving my vision.

My curious nature has goaded me to create this space so that I can network with people of similar interest and learn about chemical engineering, professionalism and about the rest of the world.

Jack of several activities, and definitely master of quite a few, I have worn hats of speaker, organizer, writer, event manager, leader during my senior school days. These have made me adept in analytical, problem solving skill, Math skill, interpersonal and persuasion skills.

When I am not reading about latest research in the field of engineering and when I am not busy solving tricky Math problems, I play either Table Tennis or chess or watch cricket. Sometimes or may be often listening to music acts as great stress buster for me.

Here, I want to reach out to people so that we can work together, learn and grow. At present, I seek to obtain a service opportunity that enables self-improvement and leadership, while I can contribute for the sector with my logical, persuasive and innovative skills.

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    • University of Washington