Abbie Boulter

hi, my name's Abbie i'm fourteen years old and i live in Norfolk, the place that's full of sheep and fields. I aspire to be like Mary-Kate and Ashley there like my icons!!! I'm a dreamer and love cheese strings more than anyone in the world. I'm a vegetarian, and i want to grow up feeling more happy everyday! i'm very passionate about fashion and have a quirky style and people tend to tell me they love how unique i am which is fantastic to hear, since i've been through some pretty tough shit. i've suffered anorexia, bulimia, depression, and self harm i'm not proud of these things but life goes on. I ice-skate in Peterborough and love to sing, dance, and act. I go to the Garage which is Norwich Theatre Royal's workshop where people go to train, i do acting workshops there, these will all lead up to performances.:) i would love to become a choreographer or star on Broadway or even become a well known character on Eastenders! i also model and really enjoy it :) catwalks the hardest but i enjoy being taught new things. i have a very higgildy piggidly life but i like to just go with the flow