Abigail Lo

Copywriter in Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I've spent the last 5 years as a freelance copywriter. In that time I've come to understand that words mean nothing if they don't have a purpose. If they don't meet the reader where they are at. If they don't convey what's most important about you or your business.

My strength lies in seeing the uniqueness of each business and understanding where it wants to go, so when I write, I match the words to the business. Everything is personalised to the needs of the business. Ultimately, I want the words to:

Sound like you. You the brand with intentions and meaning, or you the author with values and opinions. A strong voice, one that cares.

Have meaning and purpose. To form a relationship and gain trust, to tell a story, to build authority and presence, to share an experience.

Be easy for the reader to understand.They should get who you are and your message first time around.

So far, I've worked with clients in sport and health, manufacturing, property development, education and coaching, the non-profit sector, food and beverage, and advertising.

Want to see my work? Here's the link to my portfolio.


  • Education
    • University of Birmingham