Abigail Lo

Copywriter in Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

My philosophy on writing:


It should sound like you. You the brand with intentions and meaning, or you the author with values and opinions. A strong voice, one that cares.


It should have a clear purpose. To form a relationship and gain trust, to tell a story, to build authority and presence, to share an experience.


It should be easy for the reader to understand. They should get who you are and your message first time around.

How can I help achieve this?


Less words
I edit out the fluff, making your message stronger, clearer and more concise.

Impactful words
I change the words to make them more human, more personal, or true to your beliefs and voice.

More detail
I add copy where there are breaks in flow, or missing pieces to your story. I strengthen your message by adding more detail, fully explaining your concept, process or service in a way that matters to your audience.

More info and excerpts of work via LinkedIn.

  • Education
    • University of Birmingham