Abd El-Razek Kandeel

Web Developer, Designer, and Project Manager in المنوفية, مصر

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Abd El-Razek Ali Kandeel, 19 Years Old.

Studies Computer Science at Faculty of Science, Menofia University.

Web Developer with PHP and Web Application Penetration Tester

Abd El-Razek an Egyptian PHP Web Developer, Team work spirit and co-operation, hard worker under stress, Good Communication Skills, Self-motivated, Presentation, Leadership skills, Self Planning and Time Management were the key factor in accomplishing success all over my career.

- Academic and Computer skills:

• Has a good knowledge of web interface design techniques and concepts.

• Excellent experiences with Internet and All Computer Skills, Programming.

• Good experience in HTML & CSS, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, OWASP TOP 10, MySql, PHPMyAdmin and Web Application Penetration Testing.

• Convert PSD files to HTML5 & CSS3 templates, Newsletter templates and others.

• Professional in dealing with Computer Software & Hardware .

• Professional in dealing with internet, search engines and browse through the web.

• Professional user ( Windows, Linux, MAC OS ).

• Internet Skills.

• Love Coding and Programming .

- Personal and Soft Skills .

• Team work spirit and co-operation.

• Hard worker under stress .

• Good Communication Skills.

• Self-motivated .

• Good Communication, Presentation, and Leadership skills.

• Self Planning and Time Management.

• Ability to face & solve problems.

• Flexibility about tasks

- Language

• Mother language: Arabic

• English: good written & spoken

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