Abdullah John Alger, PhD

Seattle, Washington, United States

Currently working with English language learners in the Middle East. I have a passion for helping others engage their creativity and to incorporate educational technology within their learning plans. As an educator, I am always looking for new ways to develop the skills people need in order to succeed achieving their goals. One of the projects that I am working towards developing is a holistic writing program that aims to help at risk young adults and ESL learners discover their talents through multimedia writing.

I am also interested in fitness and the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. I enjoy hiking outdoors in the great Northwest and fishing with my father at our secret lake (I'm not telling you where it is!). When I am not outdoors, you can see me at the gym doing insane workouts, or reading a novel, a motivational book, or trying to work on my aforementioned project.

  • Education
    • BA English, Washington State University
    • MA English, University of Manchester
    • PhD English, University of Manchester