Abdul Waheed Patel

Abdul Waheed Patel is the Founder and Managing Director of ETHICORE Political Consulting, a highly regarded and respected parliamentary, governmental and political lobbying, intelligence and communications agency headquartered in South Africa. ETHICORE is a service and solutions provide of choice and a sought after partner, providing a comprehensive and integrated suite of offering in three core areas:

Lobbying, Governmental Relations and Communications

Political Research, Risk and Intelligence

Political Strategy and Advisory Services

Abdul Waheed is an accomplished parliamentary, governmental and political affairs lobbyist, strategist and communications practitioner, who has cultivated deep expertise, experience and a track record in all aspects of governmental, parliamentary and political affairs. This includes political risk analysis; campaign development and management; stakeholder relations; reputation management; issues management; public policy, legislative and regulatory analysis; training and capacity building. Equipped with a degree in Governance and Political Studies from the University of Cape Town, he is an inaugural Fellow of the Public Policy Partnership of South Africa (administered by the Woodrow Wilson and Andrew Mellon Public Policy Foundations, USA). He has completed the prestigious Commonwealth Country Training Program on 'Enterprise Competitiveness and Globalization for Commonwealth Developing Economies' in Singapore. He has previously held positions as a political advisor to the Mayoral Committee for Trading Services in the City of Cape Town; Manager in the Strategy and Planning Directorate of the City of Cape Town; Director in the Democracy and Governance Program of the Human Sciences Research Council; General Manager of Business Unity South Africa's Business Parliamentary Office and as Policy Analyst in the National Department of Transport. He is responsible for all aspects of the firm's operational and strategic management. Abdul Waheed is regular national and international political, social and economic commentator, resident media analysts and speaker.