Allison Bebinger

I am a 21 year old student currently attending Cal Poly Pomona. I am in my fourth year of earning a bachelor of science in communication with an emphasis in public relations. I have a passion for travel and spent five months in New Zealand in 2011.

Currently I am looking into options for after graduation in June. Before then I'm looking for internships related to my major, preferably in governemnt work. Post-June I am thinking about grad school for public administration, traveling Europe with my best freind, or just starting a job right away. My options are unlimited when it comes to where I'd like to live: LA, San Diego, Dallas, DC, or out of the country. Wherever life leads me, I'll be happy to follow.

I crave adventure and adrenaline, I am a huge family person, my pets are my life, and social media follows me wherever I go. Above all I love meeting new people, Harry Potter, traveling, and learning whatever I can.