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Abel Pickens

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More than 6 years of substantial service in the residential locksmith industry in Woodstock IL. Well-known for being a zealous worker giving 110% work in everything and carrying out it with extra attention to safety.
Constantly taking on new things to enrich my proficiency as a house locksmith to help make sure that the customers's apartments and firms are invulnerable 24 hr.
I am able to confer adequately with an extensive range of customers in disturbed situations.

I have substantial knowledge of installing and repairing all kinds of locks, including duplicating keys and replacement of foreign and domestic car door lock.
As a commercial locksmith in Woodstock IL, I have helped thousands calls that required a certified Woodstock locksmith.


Emergency locksmith services

Open auto trunk

Service door locks in case of lockout

Repair foreign and domestic vehicle door lock

Install all commercial security systems

Fixing and changing locks of all types including single cylinder deadbolt from House of Antique and GRANDEUR dummy deadbolt

Open almost any car, be it 1932 Bmw 3/20 PS, Jaguar XF, 2007 Jaguar or any other car

Previous workplaces:

Woodstock Locks - Woodstock, IL (Apr 2007 - Present)

Woodstock Locksmith Pros - Woodstock, IL (August 2001 - Oct 2006)

Golden Eagle Community Bank of Golden Eagle Community Bank - Woodstock IL (Oct 1992 - June 1997)