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Alexander Bevier

Seattle Area

Alexander Bevier is an narrative designer, technical writer and academic. His work focuses on video games and how they can be viewed as a literary form. He is the co-author of Barnes and Noble’s Official Guide to the Nook and has worked as an editor, a playwright and filmmaker. He is most-recently interning for the International Game Developers Association, where he curates and edits content for IGDA Insider, the weekly mailers.

Alexander’s a committee member of the IGDA’s Game Writing SIG and works with them on social media and communications. His work focuses on forum moderation, event and party organization, and content management. Alexander moderated the SIG’s Roundtable meeting at the 2014 Game Developer’s Conference.

He will soon be speaking at VikingCon 2014 on easy ways to begin making games and why diversity is important for the industry.

Feel free to notify Alexander of freelance work. He is a freelance designer, consultant and writer and will work on any variety of projects. His resume is available here.

  • Work
    • Freelance games writer
  • Education
    • Western Washington University