Aman Bhandal


The present may be the sum of the past, but the future are the changes made in the present.

There are an unfathomable number of events that a person experiences in their lifetime. The few that have shaped me into who I am are the result of me reaching the goals that I set out to accomplish and pushing the boundaries of my limitations to explore the unexplored. I left my mark behind at Insight, as one of the successful sales representatives, to pursue a dream which seemed impossible at the time. The dream was to transform an idea into an interactive form of art; in other words I wanted to become a software engineer. Through persistent effort I completed my
pre-requisites and was offered admission into the university of my choice. Since then, I have applied myself academically while participating in various hackathons and volunteering at Space Concordia.

In the upcoming years I see myself applying the theoretical knowledge acquired and do what I initially set out to do, which was to build software applications that can be used to improve the daily lives of individuals and positively impact the environment.

  • Work
    • Space Concordia
  • Education
    • Concordia University (Software Engineering)