Abhi Anuket

New York

I am the Founder and President of Persurix, LLC - a technology solutions and services consulting company. I am also the Founder and Managing Director of Magnivia Ventures - a private equity and venture capital firm. Currently, I serve as an Advisor to early-stage Startups in New York and as Advisor at the Center For Entrepreneurship of St Francis College in New York.

I am deeply involved in the analysis of new technological trends, especially those that can have a meaningful impact on society and/or disrupt specific traditional methods of doing things in our society - socially or professionally. I like studying the evolving patterns of what technological and financial theories enable us to accomplish, when combined with human behavior, which I hope will allow me to further optimize the venture capital investment practice at Magnivia Ventures.

I thrive on the exchange of ideas with my peers and almost everyone that I meet in my professional or social life.

As an entrepreneur and an investor, I strictly work with smart, humble and confident go-getters who have been able to prove their business model with the most efficient methods of operations during the early phase of their venture.

Via Magnivia Ventures, I invest in late seed or series A focused rounds for a selective group of Startups in the firm's own portfolio and may look at co-investments from time to time - where the key determinants include the product and business model, co-investor profiles and the profiles of the founding team. I may engage in very limited Advisory roles to help startups from outside of the firm's portfolio during earlier stages.

Via a Rotary Club, I attempt to do whatever I can to support important social causes. I am also a golf enthusiast and occasionally spend time perfecting my swing during breaks or while on vacations.

  • Education
    • BBA
    • Finance
    • MS
    • Information Systems