Abhiram Muddu


I am a strong believer in Karma and know that my life’s purpose was destined to be a Change Agent. I am in a constant search for answers; answers that help me solve the challenges life throws at me. It is with this mission that I set out to learn, understand, and grow as an individual every single day of my life. My attitude towards solving problems for myself and others motivated me to startup Mauka Technologies, an online recruitment platform, which disrupted the way companies hired students for internships and graduate jobs. The joy of having placed more than 100 students as interns in the first 3 months was way more satisfying than raising a seed round of $250,000 later.

My professional journey took me to another level while working with Examify and Cipy Polyurethanes where I harnessed my skills and my analytical bent of mind to the maximum. Expressing creativity through my photography and acting skills, I have grown to love people and nature. My international exposure helped me look at the world through a kaleidoscope of cultures, traditions, cuisines, and people from more than 40 countries. Education for me has been more of practical orientation than a purely academic concentration. My alma mater BITS Pilani gave me the freedom to explore the vast subjects of Biology and Chemical Engineering while allowing me to gain an upper hand in life and Poker.

In addition to having added significant experiences and qualifications to my resume, I have expanded my inner self beyond the narrow confines of my soul through a regular practice of Transcendental meditation.

  • Work
    • Mauka Technologies
  • Education
    • Bits Pilani Hyderabad Campus
    • Entrepreneurship Summer School
    • Draper University