Abhishek Goyal

Faridabad, India

I am Abhishek Goyal, MBA from School Of Management, Manipal Univesity, Manipal, Karnataka, India . A Marketer By Profession , I Love to market anything in this world. I hails from Faridabad,HARYANA

The Marketing is more like my other face, i love marketing ,my profession, i will always work for marketing and will continue to do so, a lot of zeal is required in marketing for advertising trade marketing and branding.

India , The land that has given so many first to the world in all sphere of science. Zero and value of Pie, decimal system in mathes, the theory of earth revolves around sun. The land of oldest religion and the oldest book rig veda.

kindly Mail me at: abhishek.goyal@about.me

For any thing that you wishes to share wit me, lets friendship, corporate relation,mingle, mix-up, accompany you.

I love to make friends and Chat on any matter which you wish , Do Chat me at AIM by finding me from my email ID

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  • Education
    • Bachelor of Commerce & MBA in Marketing, Pursuing CFA